Benefit EA - 一款刷单EA,需要定期从交易账户中提取利润来降低风险!

| 发表于 2024-2-3 21:31:51 | 网格 MT4
Benefit EA is a very dangerous and at the same time very profitable Expert Advisor. This robot is good for fast overclocking of the deposit. But, since Benefit EA uses the martingale method (averaging in lossy trades), it is necessary to apply some rules for such EAs. About this below in the post.Сharacteristics of Benefit EA
Platform: Metatrader4
Currency pairs: USDJPY (it is possible to use other major currency pairs)
Trading Time: Around the clock (may be limited)
Timeframe: M15
Current EA version: 3.1
Important! The Benefit EA uses the martingale method. Sooner or later it will lead to loss of the whole deposit. Therefore, you need to adhere to two important rules:
Regularly withdraw the profit from the trading account. After the withdrawal of the initial deposit, the dangerous martingale strategy immediately becomes breakeven and highly profitable.
Do not invest money that you are not ready to part with.
Backtest of Benefit EA
USDJPY M15 (Default settings)
The work of the Expert Advisor is not limited to one pair. The developers show good results of the adviser on other pairs. Below is an example of the test for the EURUSD.
EURUSD M15 (Default settings)
In the archive Benefit_EA.rar:

1.Benefit EA.rar

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