Black Diamond Special EA -最准确和最有利可图的机器人

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Black Diamond Special EA, like most of the paid forex robots, is created to make you and me extremely rich. The EA has an auto profit lock + Stop Loss system, automatic or fixed lot and the ability to enable the Martingale system (not recommended). You don't need a lot of capital to start trading - you can start with a hundred bucks. The EA has a lot of positive reviews online and looks good on backtests. It is strange that the developers did not take care of public monitoring of such a profitable robot. This is either not finalizing them, or everything is not so good with the EA trading in real time.Сharacteristics of the Black Diamond Special EA
Platform: Metatrader4
EA version: 6.0 (5.5 and older in the archive). Version 7.5 is available in our Telegram channel
Currency pairs: Any, recommended EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY
Trading Time: Around the clock or at a certain time (set in the settings of the EA)
Timeframe: Any, recommended M5
Back Testing
The EA can be installed on any currency pair and timeframe, but it is still better to use Major pairs and M5 timeframes. Under these conditions, the robot shows the best results.
In the settings of the advisor, you can choose a fixed lot size or automatic, when the lot will increase in proportion to the growth of the account balance. Therefore, I performed testing on each pair with a fixed lot and with an automatic one.
AUDUSD M5 Fix Lot (2010-2020):
AUDUSD M5 Auto Lot (2010-2020):
EURUSD M5 Fix Lot (2010-2020):
EURUSD M5 Auto Lot (2010-2020):
GBPUSD M5 Fix Lot (2010-2020):
Expert Advisor settings
The archive with the advisor contains an indicator (Special_Indicator), which is a regular moving average. This indicator is used to manage the positions of the EA in case of breakouts by the price of this MA (Break_Out settings).

I have already mentioned that the expert advisor has the following positive features, such as:
Auto Profit Lock & Stop Loss System
Auto Lot Increase System
Fixed Lot System
Martingale System (ON/OFF)
Trailing Stop
Auto Time Function

In the Expert Advisor, the control of these functions is organized through these settings:
View all settings
The EA comes with a preset. You can use it to customize the Black Diamond Special EA or set your own values.

And, despite the fact that the EA can trade profitably with a maximum spread of 20, I still strongly recommend using a ECN accounts with zero spread.
In the archive Black_Diamond_Special_EA.rar (786.0 kb):
BlackDiamondEA V4.00.ex4
BlackDiamondEA V5.5_fix.ex4
BlackDiamond_EaV6.00.ex4 (Version 7.5 is available in our Telegram channel)
User Guide.pdf


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