Elite Tactics EA - 分析最重要的市场水平位进行交易挂单,受止损保护。

| 发表于 2024-2-3 17:15:21 | 马丁 MT4
Elite Tactics EA is a fully automatic Expert Advisor that analyzes the most important market levels and trades pending orders that are protected by stop losses, which will surely save your account from crashing. The EA has advanced filters with additional protection against large spreads and slippage. The advantage is that the EA does not use dangerous trading methods such as Martingale, Grid or Arbitrage.Сharacteristics of the Elite Tactics EA
Platform: Metatrader4
EA version: 1.0
Currency pairs: Any, recommended EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY
Trading Time: Around the clock or at a certain time (set in the settings of the EA)
Timeframe: Any, recommended H1
Elite Tactics EA trading algorithm
As I said above, EA trades pending orders, placing them at certain levels, according to the Expert  Advisor's algorithm. What levels these are, I do not know for certain, but I can assume that these are Pivot levels (support / resistance, daily highs / lows)。
The EA is equipped with Money Management and you can choose to trade with a fixed or automatic lot. It is possible to manage an open position using the Trailing Stop.Back Testing
According to the author, this forex robot is not limited to currency pairs and Time Frame. But preference should be given to the EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY pairs and the H1 Time Frame. Guided by these recommendations, I conducted testing.
The Elite Tactics EA comes with several Preset files for 4 currency pairs. I have performed testing using absolutely all Presets. But here I will show only the best tests for each of the 4 pairs. By the way, the EA is successfully tested with any of the presets.
EURUSD H1 Fix Lot:

AUDUSD H1 Fix Lot:

GBPUSD H1 Fix Lot:

USDJPY H1 Fix Lot:

As you can see from the backtests, the results are excellent especially with UseAutomaticLot = true.

Expert Advisor parameters
Recommendations for optimizing the EA:
This EA is fully customizable by user so you can optimize your own settings. Here is short recommendation for your own optimizations.
If you don’t want to use automatic Lot size calculation (as by default is fixed lot size), then simply modify FixedLotSize parameter based on you risk and account possibilities.
If you are using low leverage accounts, make sure you have sufficient margin to open positions. (This EA should warn you if you don’t but rather always verify by yourself).
If you want to use Automatic Lot size calculation, then select “UseAutomaticLot = true” and modify “RiskInPercentOfBalance ” (RiskInPercentOfBalance means how much of your account balance are you willing to loose if there will be loosing trade). Lot size is calculated based on account balance and stop-loss level
In the archive Elite_Tactics_EA.rar (87.4 kb):
Elite Tactics_fix.ex4

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